How can we help you manage data for your role?

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage the data for your role within your school. Interested in how SchoolBase works with our other products? Why not click the link to find out more…

Moving with the market

We want to make sure that your data is supported by a system that is relevant and innovative in today’s market. What are our three main focuses?


Your data needs to be easily manipulated when policy changes are announced. Features such as the Report Designer enable reports to be altered and updated there and then, saving you time and money.


Positive communication between parents, teachers and students aids student development. Parents can view grades in the Parent Portal after an assessment so that they know how much progress their child is making and whether intervention needs to be arranged.

Current Trends

Our specialist Project and Account Managers are always on top of new government guidelines and industry trends, as well as take part in regular DofE working groups, to make sure the advice they give to you is relevant.

We make your data do incredible things

Preparing for next year

Preparing for the new academic year is straight forward with SchoolBase. Using the Data Integrity and Auditing function, watch your data transform with new timetables, MarkBook templates and class lists produced from a simple process.

Streamline Processes

Using the Exams Manager function, managing entries and results for exams is efficient and effective. Records are automatically up-to-date and tracking is accurate which is reflected in your departmental and SLT level reports.

The whole picture

Gain instant access to the whole student record instead of having to use multiple systems to piece the information together. Update your data once; the system will take care of updating everything else.

Data at a teacher’s fingertips

Data can be a teacher’s best friend and worst nightmare all in the same day. How can SchoolBase help keep the relationship working well?

Assistant Headteacher

Whether your area of care lies with academic, pastoral or safeguarding, monitor the progress of students in conjunction with staff using features such as the Day Book, Assessment and Tracking and Rewards and Sanctions. You will always be fully aware of the full situation and can help when you need to.

Head of Department

Monitor and track the progress of your whole department using the Analytics gadget. From your Dashboard, you can view data that is relevant to you without searching through the system, from set by set progress to behaviour monitoring.

Classroom Teacher

Expect the core features that are essential, such as Registration, MarkBook, Pupil Finder, your Timetable and Calendar. But, also expect the features that help make data management easy, such as using the App to take the register, the SEN module to view IEPs, as well as set progress alerts using the Assessment and Tracking function.

Cover Supervisor

Access all relevant information about your cover class instantly using the Pupil Finder to make sure you know about any SEN provisions, seating plans or disciplinary notes for students in your class. Use the DayBook to leave a note on behaviour or progress for their class teacher to view.

Not forgetting the non-teachers too…

Not having the responsibilities of a classroom does not diminish the vital of role of those who do not teach within an Academy. How can SchoolBase aid their day-to-day work?

Executive Headteacher

From the moment you login to SchoolBase, you are able to customise your Dashboard to show only what you need to see. Whether it’s the current Leavers and Joiners trend, pupil count year on year, behaviour trends for a specific year group, or academic tracking, you get the information you need without having to search for it.

School Business Manager

Control and track all of the financial movement within your Academy by avoiding lengthy extraction processes, multiple system logins and databases. The Online Payment Portal within SchoolBase also enables you to receive and manage payments for a variety of areas within the system, as well as view the analytics for those payments.

Data Manager

Rest easy knowing that you can manage and action your Annual Rollover within five minutes using the Data Integrity and Auditing tool, from setting the wheels in motion to pushing ‘Go!’. Manage your Census activities using our Census Manager so that all results are produced and returned on time.

Administration Assistant

Manage all aspects of school administration, from editing records using the Pupil Finder, overseeing a student’s admissions process using the Admissions and Marketing Manager, to dealing with staff HR administration using the Staff Portal. All of the data you need is in one system so that you save time and resources.