Fee-billing made simple

FeeMaster enables you to stay on top of your billing and invoicing for every aspect of school life.

Have complete autonomy and control over who can be billed; when, and at what point they are notified.

Every detail is covered, even down to the invoice layout so that it reflects the style and tone of your school.

FeeMaster features

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Recurring charges
Ensemble Scheduling
Direct Debits


  • Single or recurring invoicing for whole school, student type, tag group or individual student.
  • Invoices can be edited until posted to account package and sent out via email.

Recurring charges

  • Attach the student to a charge so that this is added to their invoice every time one is raised.
  • Associate to year and boarder type for automatic allocation based on pupil information.

Ensemble Scheduling

  • Automatic discounts for members of the same family so that they appear on every invoice for the selected student.


  • Produce reports on all aspects of fee billing from within the system and export for external use.
  • Take control of billing for individual students, groups or tags with accessible information


  • Select who receives invoices via email before invoices are sent.
  • Email addresses and contact information is taken from the school MIS so that data entry is minimised.

Direct Debits

  • Able to set up collection parameters and apply to fee payers.
  • Automatically calculate collection for payment.

3 stand-out reasons to select FeeMaster:

  • Integrates fully with SAGE and other accounting systems
  • Links with SchoolBase or other MIS
  • Enables tracking and editing of all invoices placed
  • Ability to use one database for all bills
  • Reduces duplication of effort
  • Facilitates full financial planning
  • Improves communication with parents and all school departments
  • Ensures invoice layout is on brand for your school

Making the move is quick and easy

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