How can we help you manage data for your role?

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage the data for your role within your school. Interested in how SchoolBase works with our products to cover all aspects of school life? Click the link for more information…

Helping you reimagine the world of education

SchoolBase helps all teachers, students and parents manage their school data so that everyone involved with the school can thrive. With customisable language options, barriers that may have prevented full involvement and inclusion beforehand are now no longer a problem.



Manage all of your activities relating to The Arts all in one place, making sure that information for timetables, fees, concerts, exhibitions or any room changes are visible for all to see.



The sports system within SchoolBase enables Activity Managers the opportunity to distribute team fixtures immediately, as well as collate permission slips and create in-house reports to monitor uptake before a fixture.



Closely monitor the academic progress of all students so that, whatever their ability, they receive the specialist support they need. With core features such as the MarkBook, you are able to export tracking data to other areas of the system, enabling you to gain an overall idea of a student’s progress.

A versatile system for a globalised world

Admissions and Marketing

Use the Admissions and Marketing Manager to go paperless when managing the admissions process. Use your data to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns to increase admissions numbers and establish your school’s message.

Fee Billing

FeeMaster covers all aspects of fee billing and discounting, whilst the Online Payment System within SchoolBase enables you to monitor activity and trip payments, making sure that everything has been received in good time, even for the smallest charge.



The Safeguarding tool allows you to monitor all safeguarding from behaviour worries to vulnerability. Developments can be managed and help can be administered when it is necessary. Visibility permissions can also be controlled so that only those who need to see specific student notes can.



Academic excellence is a factor that you can take greater control of by building tailored reports within the system that really enable parents to see how their child is progressing, increasing parental engagement and ultimately increasing success rates for students.

Helping teachers stay ahead of their data

With a broad range of cultures, languages and interests that your students will bring into the classroom, it is vital that your data helps you adapt quickly and effectively.

Head of School

Student and departmental academic progress is easily monitored using the Analytics gadget. Whatever the situation, monitor developments and changes in trends from your Dashboard so that support can be given if necessary. Also, use the Pupil Finder to be fully informed of the requirements of new students, whether they be learning or language requirements.


Use the Boarding function to keep on top of any changes for students within your House. Also linking with the student’s record, take registers, become informed of safeguarding concerns and manage sleeping arrangements all from within the function.

Head of Department

As well as key functions such as the Calendar and Timetable, gain access to specific pupil records using the Pupil Finder for monitoring academic and pastoral progress, as well as the MarkBook and Assessment and Tracking functions for arranging student progress intervention.

Classroom Teacher

Be prepared for Parents Evenings with the Parents Evening Manager and view your schedule as soon as parents sign up. Use your MarkBook during each meeting to prevent printing reams of paper and have access to any communications made between yourself and the parents beforehand using the Pupil Finder.

Supporting the non-teachers too…

With the range of activities and opportunities available to international students, the organisation of data is crucial to make sure students achieve. How can SchoolBase aid those not based in the classroom?


From the moment you login to SchoolBase, you are able to customise your Dashboard to show only what you need to see. Whether it’s the current Leavers and Joiners trend, financial information for the year or pupil count year on year, you get the information you need without having to search for it.

Director of Finance

With FeeMaster, fee-billing, recharges and discounts can be applied, communicated and monitored with ease. The Online Payment Portal within SchoolBase also enables you to monitor payments for a variety of areas within the system, as well as view the analytics for those payments so that you can take action when necessary.

Director of IT

Perform the necessary maintenance and procedures within the system using the Data Integrity and Auditing tool. Manage any third-party software using the Integrations function within SchoolBase so that all systems work together for the overall benefit of the school.

Director of Admissions

Use the Prospective Pupil Portal to monitor the progress of each prospective student. Store their documentation, see if fees are due or if they have specialist circumstances and monitor the overall trends for admissions using the Admissions and Marketing Manager so that you can compare data year on year.