Project Management

At Furlong, we believe in doing a job well. We take our time to fully understand your school and your requirements so that the system is fully optimised to your needs. This process enables you to have the confidence to use it effectively as soon as you go live.

What happens?

We’ve simplified our migration process for you to the Three Ps: Prep, Put and Practice. The process itself may be simple, but that does not mean that we just leave you to manage it on your own. We are here at every step of the way to help you, no matter how long the process takes

You are assigned to the Project Management Team who will oversee every aspect of your data migration and aftercare. They will put all measures in place to start the migration process.

The data migration takes place and all necessary data is placed within the system. This only happens when you say go! We work entirely to your schedule.

The Project Management Team will discuss with you the opportunities for training. We recommend that your training takes place as soon as you are up and running so that all Super Users can ask the questions they need to ask.

New school? No problem

Brand brand new school? We can help you…

If you are a new school, we can help with your admissions process and work with you to make sure that the system is up and running ready for your first day of teaching. Parents fill in the details for admissions using our online enquiry form which immediately populates SchoolBase. What could be more simple!