How can we help you manage data for your role?

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage the data for your role within your school. Interested in how SchoolBase works with our other products? Why not click the link to find out more…

Data manipulation, as easy as 1, 2…

What’s the point of having data if you cannot make it do what you want? SchoolBase does not confine your data to preset templates, but gives you the autonomy to make choices of how you want to view and analyse your data.



You need to be able to adapt your data as soon as new legislation is announced. Make changes from within the system, to reports for example, so that everyone is up-to-date and compliant.



The Online Payment Portal enables you to view when payments have been received and any outstanding payments, so that you can plan an accurate time frame for future events and activities.



With the drive to reduce wastage, storing and accessing HR documents within the system is a necessity. With Document Bank, you can store all HR documents in one place with control over who sees them and when they expire.

A holistic system for a holistic environment

Transfer of Data

Ensure a smooth transition when students join the college by using the CTF Import and Export option. All you need is the LEA number and Establishment number.

Enabling Futures

Embrace interest from external parties such as universities, apprenticeships and STEM companies by granting access to students’ Achievements data. You have full control over access to students’ data at all times.

Monitoring Progress

Make sure grades are all in one place. With the Assessment and Tracking module, you are able to save images with assessment details so that a record of practical projects can also be included with grades.

In the classroom, how can we help?

Director of Learning

Whether you oversee the Pastoral, Academic or Safeguarding aspects of your College, use the Analytics gadget to view all of the data for your area that you need from your Dashboard, without having to search within the system for it. With graphic-rich graphs and charts, you have an easy to use visual representation to hand at all times.

Coordinator of Learning

Set your criteria within the MarkBook function across your department and know that student data from your colleagues will be easy for you to collate using the same formatting, labelling and terminology that you have set as standard.

Classroom Teacher

Expect the core features that are essential, such as Registration, MarkBook, Pupil Finder, your Timetable and Calendar. But, also expect the features that help make data management easy, such as using the App to take the register, as well as save images of practical projects next to grades within the Assessment and Tracking module.

Classroom Technician

Use your Timetable and communication tools within the system to know immediately if any changes have been made to the daily schedulele so that your time and resources are not wasted.

Managing your data outside the classroom

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage data more effectively in your role.


From the moment you login to SchoolBase, you are able to customise your Dashboard to show only what you need to see. Whether it’s the current Leavers and Joiners trend, pupil count year on year, university entrace year on year, or academic tracking, you get the information you need without having to search for it.

Head of College

Student and departmental academic progress is easily monitored using the Analytics gadget. Whatever the situation, monitor developments and changes in trends from your Dashboard so that support can be given if necessary.

Business Manager

Control and track all of the financial movement within your College by avoiding lengthy extraction processes, multiple system logins and databases. The Forms and Reports function enables you to process all of this information and extract it into a clear format.

Data Manager

Rest easy knowing that you can manage and action your Annual Rollover within five minutes, from setting the wheels in motion to pushing ‘Go!’. The Census Manager also handles your census throughout the year, so that you can focus your budget and resources on other areas of IT strategy across the college.