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FeeMaster enables you to stay on top of your billing and invoicing for every aspect of school life. Have complete autonomy and control over who can be billed, when; and at what point they are notified. Every detail is covered, even down to the invoice layout so that it reflects the style and tone of your school.

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A fee-billing package that offers flexibility and total control over billing and financial administration within your school. Integrating fully with SAGE accounting systems and others, FeeMaster can produce invoices for any aspect of school life, meaning that parents receive the information they need clearly and concisely but also finance staff can keep track of who has been billed and for what purpose.

Anything but restrictive

Fully integrated with SchoolBase, as a stand-alone product; and linking with your established MIS, allow FeeMaster to raise as many bills as required, for any group of students as well as automate charges for recurring payments without having to manually process it each time. No constraints on billing, no constraints on preparing and distributing invoices, no constraint on what the invoice is for.

One database

Integrated with SchoolBase, FeeMaster enables you to raise bills from any part of the MIS, meaning that your ability to raise and track invoicing for the School Bus, as an example, is accessible and accurate. You can then publish the invoices on the Parent Portal so that parents can access them straight away.

Just a few FeeMaster features…

FeeMaster is a powerful tool that enables you to streamline your fee-billing, invoicing and discounting processes, as well as keep records of when and how billing has been communicated. Your data is put to good use and can be adapted to make sure that you are always able to plan for the financial future of your school.


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