A leading school MIS provider that offers one complete solution.

Say goodbye to third-party add-ons and hello to a solution that takes care of all aspects of school data management, from tracking and analytics to attendance, library, activity management and so much more…

How can Furlong products help your school?

Rich in functionality and compatibility, Furlong products mould to your routine, daily procedures and school character without you having to alter anything. You set the systems how you want them without having to simply ‘put up’ with elements that do not work for you.  Why not see for yourself how each system helps enhance data management at every job level within your school?

Manage tracking, attendance, reporting, medical notes, admissions, payments, timetabling to name a few, all from one web-based interlinking system.

Designed for the Independent and International sectors, manage all aspects of fee billing, including automation of charges, billing and invoicing.

Oversee the administration in your music department and witness how auto calculating lesson scheduling and pupil-parent communication from your department can be made totally stress-free.

Beyond the software...

Making the move

We understand that change is daunting at times, particularly if you have not had the best experience previously. Your dedicated Project Manager is on hand to work with you at every step and reassure you of any concerns you may have.

Working with our experts

Your Project Manager is here to work for you. If you have any queries at any point during the process, they are here to answer them and make sure that you are in complete control.

Migrating your data

Your Furlong Project Manager ensures that everyone is informed as to how the migration is progressing, as well as manage the communication between IT teams to ensure you do not lift a finger.  

Training for all

We want to make sure that everyone at your school is able to get the most out of the system. Your Project Manager can liaise with our Trainers to organise sessions at school or at our HQ for you and your colleagues.