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From the fundamentals of an MIS, such as Attendance, MarkBook, Timetable, Calendar and Tracking, to designing bespoke reports and an Online Payment Portal for parents, we believe that one system that incorperates all areas of school data management is the most time and cost effective way to manage your data. FeeMaster, our fee-billing software; and Maestro, our music management software, link seamlessly with SchoolBase saving your crucial admin time whilst gaining greater insights from your data.

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With functionality teachers have been craving as standard, SchoolBase is our flagship product for a reason, Intuitive, flexible and all-encompassing, this MIS can do as much or as little of your school data management as you need. Teachers, students and parents are better connected with greater communication tools and you do not have to adapt to the software, it adapts to you and your processes.


Browser-based, SchoolBase covers all necessary aspects of school data management that make your school run smoothly as standard, but also manages more complex aspects of school life such as building custom reports and your admissions process from start to finish.


You shouldn’t have to change your way of working to suit your software. That’s why SchoolBase works completely for your school, whether it be in terms of the look and feel, tracking and attainment or reporting.


From installation and going live to daily use, our dedicated team of experts are on hand to support you every step of the way.

Just a few of our features

SchoolBase is the most feature-rich MIS in the UK, with functionality that helps transform your data. From the basics, such as your Register, Markbook, Calendar and Timetable through to Activity Management and Parent and Student Portals, we are also always striving to deliver forward-thinking functionality to help you better manage your school data.






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