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The SchoolBase Management Information System is tailored to meet schools’ challenges, whilst being versatile enough to grow with your school and adapt to future needs.

The complete school MIS

SchoolBase has the broadest core functionality of any MIS on the market allowing schools to manage their data efficiently and effectively.

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SchoolBase App

  • App for parents, students, staff and alumni
  • Seamless communication and transfer of information
  • Instant access to key functionality within the system

Parent Portal

  • Book activities, parents evening appointments and absence requests
  • Access noticeboard and Online Payment Portal
  • Communicate with teachers for easier transfer of information


  • AM/PM and lesson registration functionality
  • Add and edit notes on student record
  • Biometric and smart phone options available


  • Enter notes and raise concerns directly to DSL
  • Secure notes and attachments
  • Access detailed care lists
  • Manage absence requests, as well as set alerts and notifications

Assessment & Tracking

  • Progress alerts for groups and individuals
  • Department-wide standardised scoring
  • Ability to include images against assessments


  • Integrated timetable with activities and clubs displayed
  • Music lessons, learning support overlays displayed
  • Access lesson covers, exam invigilation and room booking easily

Maestro (Music & Performing Arts System)

  • Lesson scheduling, ensemble scheduling and external teaching management
  • Calendar, room and resource booking
  • External examination manager (ABRSM and Trinity)

MAT Level Analytics

  • Centralised login to all MIS from one portal
  • Define user levels and create custom group
  • Visualise your data using graphs/charts and more
  • Trust-level reports including attendance, behaviour, progress and interventions

Staff Portal

  • Access to all academic and administration functions
  • Manage academic processes, such as homework and assessments
  • Filter Dashboard menu to access specific functionality for your role

Admissions & Marketing

  • Manage admissions process from prospect to enrolment
  • Registration function for parents and document storage for administrators
  • Marketing analysis tool for specific campaign targeting


  • Create templates and generate grade sets with ease
  • Monitor progress and produce reports from data collected
  • Alter the parameters with ease for the needs of each department


  • Specialist pupil finder
  • Individual learning plans for students
  • Arrange and manage IEP for students

Report Designer

  • Combines best concepts from well known report building tools
  • Easily create and distribute reports using a variety of templates
  • Set style of report to reflect school’s identity


  • Multiple exam board data support
  • Create entries, monitor clashes and import results
  • Seating planner for any shaped room or student type

Library Management

  • Record and create attributes against all resources
  • Barcode generation, clock in/out by scanner
  • Set and manage overdue charges and fees for books and other items

Lunch Options

  • Daily lunch options taken in registration
  • Detailed reports for Kitchen and Admin
  • PP and FSM reporting for LEA

Staff HR

  • Access to a range of HR and administration functions
  • Manage HR processes, such as absence, sickness and holiday
  • Manage relevant documentation and safeguarding procedures


  • Access analytics from dashboard using graphic-rich graphs and charts
  • Export function to view data in Excel
  • Control a variety of parameters to generate targeted results


  • Manage transfer of data to third parties using our API link
  • Read access available
  • Live data update

Rewards & Sanctions

  • Manage Gifted and Talented register, as well as SEND status
  • Keep track of commendations and sanctions via the DayBook
  • Track house points and merits easily
  • Tracking and analytics functionality for a variety of parameters

Online Payment Portal

  • Receive and manage payments from a variety of areas within the system
  • Integration with BrainTree, SagePay and WorldPay
  • Overview and analytics available, as well as export function to Excel


  • Current and former students create and record their achievements
  • Record qualifications, extra curricular,  activities and work experience
  • Define parameters for each activity and record outcome

Parents Evening Manager

  • Parents can book appointments for specific subjects online
  • Communication between parent and teacher possible before meeting
  • Parents are notified of schedule beforehand via the Parent Portal

Integrated Communications

  • Quickly send SMS, Email and Push Notifications
  • Registration notes to teachers and parents
  • View all historic communications from one place

Student Portal

  • Access calendar, timetable and noticeboard
  • Submit homework, monitor progress and activities fixtures
  • Seamless communication and transfer of information

Pupil Finder

  • Access student details and record
  • Intelligent student filtering for efficiency
  • Bulk record updates and multi-edit functionality

Data Integrity & Auditing

  • Data cleansing and integrity tool
  • GDPR auditing function
  • Annual roll-over management


  • Record and manage medical information
  • Manage medical alerts and parental consent
  • Accident book and treatment record


  • Event and resource management
  • Publish to student, staff and parent portals
  • Sync Microsoft and Google calendars

Activities & Clubs

  • Manage facilities, equipment and bookings
  • Wraparound care management
  • Links with assessments and reporting for assessed activities

Census Manager

  • Functionality to prepare and submit information for Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, as well as School Workforce Census
  • DTR

Engage the whole School Community

  • Embed school social media streams within portals
  • Share school news & Information at a click of a button
  • Customise the look and feel to represent your school

With Schoolbase you're better, connected

Powerful communication tools mean Staff, Students and Parents are better connected, increasing engagement and giving them insights to data where needed.

Not every school is the same! SchoolBase’s flexibility means schools can adapt the software to their processes and requirements.

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1000’s of school staff, parents and students use Furlong software every day.

3 great reasons to choose SchoolBase

1. It's versatile

Web-based, as standard, SchoolBase covers all necessary aspects of school data management that make your school run smoothly, but also manages more complex aspects of school life such as building custom reports and your admissions process from start to finish.

2. It's Flexible

Through system variable’s and dashboard configuration you can set-up SchoolBase the way you want it. Throw in our powerful reporting and analytics tools and SchoolBase allows you to get the insights you need, when you need them.

3. We support you all the way

Through our dedicated project managers, support consultants and trainers we ensure the transition to SchoolBase is a smooth one. An online support portal packed full of videos, articles and white papers mean you can learn at a time and pace that suits you.

Making the move is quick and easy

Our dedicated Data Migration and Project Management teams make moving MIS seamless.