How can we help you manage data for your role?

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage the data for your role within your school. Interested in how SchoolBase works with our other products? Why not click the link to find out more…

Transparency from start to finish



We never leave you to manage the transfer of your data; it’s just not our way. Our Project Management Team work with you at every stage to make sure you are always aware of the process and timescales.



A major role that the Project Management Team undertakes is ensuring the look and feel of the system meets your needs. They also inform you of the Professional Services available, delivered by our in-house experts and how this is reflected in your price.



Our Project Management Team stay with you even after you go live, but you also have access to a wealth of online resources, interactive webinars, training courses and user forums should you need a helping hand.

Nurture your data and watch your school flourish…


In a busy school envrionment, you need to know that information is accessible and easy to extract whenever you need it. SchoolBase is pupil-centric and intuitive, meaning that information is readily available and easy to find.


With your data in one database, you can manage and analyse the admissions process from start to finish. Also, why not use the marketing tool to tailor campaigns for certain postcodes with a high or low admittance.

Fee Billing

FeeMaster integrates completely with SchoolBase, pulling data for the Exams and Activities functions as well as giving you the option for automation. This saves you time and resources when raising the termly bill run.


Control your boarding register from the same database that contains student’s medical records, making sure that your data can help you keep on top of any troubleshooting issues.

Teachers, we know what it’s like

Teachers need to benefit from the system that manages their data and be able to perform functions in the way they are used to. SchoolBase was built by teachers, so we understand the need for flexibility with your data.


From the moment you login to SchoolBase, you are able to customise your Dashboard to show only what you need to see. Whether it’s the current Leavers and Joiners trend or pupil count year on year, you get the information you need without having to search for it.

Director of Studies

Student and departmental academic progress is easily monitored using the Analytics gadget. Whatever the situation, monitor developments and changes in trends from your Dashboard so that support can be given if necessary.

Head of Department

As well as key functions such as the Calendar and Timetable, gain access to specific pupil records using the Pupil Finder for monitoring progress, as well as the MarkBook and Assessment and Tracking functions for arranging student progress intervention.

Classroom Teacher

Be prepared for Parents Evenings with the Parents Evening Manager and view your schedule as soon as parents sign up. Use your MarkBook during each meeting to prevent printing reams of paper and have access to any communications made between yourself and the parents beforehand using the Pupil Finder.

But what about the non-teachers?

Without ease of access to data, the non-teaching teams cannot help make the school run on a day-to-day basis. So, how can SchoolBase manage the data that determines the day-to-day tasks?


With FeeMaster, fee-billing, recharges and discounts can be applied, communicated and monitored with ease. The Online Payment Portal within SchoolBase also enables you to receive and manage payments for a variety of areas within the system, as well as view the analytics for those payments.


Use the Prospective Pupil Portal to monitor the progress of each prospective student. Store their documentation, see if fees are due or if they have specialist circumstances and monitor the overall trends for admissions using the Admissions and Marketing Manager so that you can compare data year on year.

Director of IT

Perform the necessary maintenance and procedures within the system using the Data Integrity and Auditing tool, as well as the Census Manager tool. Manage any third-party software using the Integrations module within SchoolBase so that all systems work together for the benefit of the school.


Set up medical alerts for allergies and conditions using the Medical function within SchoolBase. You and other members of staff are then aware of any specialist medical circumstances for the student, parental consents and important notes when administering treatments.