How can we help you manage data for your role?

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage the data for your role within your school. Interested in how SchoolBase works with our other products? Why not click the link to find out more…

Making sure we work with the market

Your data needs to work within a system that can react to any change of legislation. So, what factors do we always consider?


You need to be able to adapt your data as soon as new legislation is announced. Make easy changes from within the system, to reports for example, so that everyone is up-to-date and compliant.


Use the communication tools within SchoolBase to make sure points for praise or concern are raised before Parents’ Evening. Parents feel included in discussions about their child’s progress and engagement will increase across the board.

Changes to trends

Our Project and Account Management Teams are always on top of new developments in the edTech sector and ensure that this new information is passed on to you.

Transforming your data from every aspect

Data Transfer

Make sure that all of the student’s data is kept together when they move to a place of further education or to another school using our CTF Import and Export function.


Activities must run smoothly and students need to get the most out of them. Activities Manager enables you to manage all of the admin from within the system, with internal integration to the Timetable and Calendar.


With the Safeguarding module, you can add a specific safeguarding note to a student’s profile without having to delve into their profile, making sure that colleagues are aware immediately of any concerns you may have.


The Exams Manager enables you to manage submissions and results for exams with ease. You can also use our graphic-rich seating planner so that you and students know exactly who is sitting where for each exam and the room they are assigned to. Provisions can also be made for SEN students and for those who require extra time.

Allowing the teachers to focus on teaching

Each role within the school is varied, so how can SchoolBase help you manage your data?


From the moment you login to SchoolBase, you are able to customise your Dashboard to show only what you need to see. Whether it’s the pupil count year on year, or behaviour monitoring for a specific year group, you get the information you need without having to search for it.

Deputy Headteacher

Whether you take responsibility for the Pastoral, Academic or Safeguarding aspects of your school, be confident in the fact that you can build an accurate student profile accessible from the student’s record in the Pupil Finder.

Curriculum Leader

Set your criteria for MarkBook templates across your curriculum area and know that the data from your colleagues will be easy to collect and collate using standardised formatting, labelling and terminology.

Classroom Teacher

Be prepared for Parents Evenings with the Parents Evening Manager and view your schedule as soon as parents sign up. Use your MarkBook during each meeting to prevent printing reams of paper and have access to any communications made between yourself and the parents beforehand using the Pupil Finder.

We can help the non-teachers too

Find out how SchoolBase can help you manage data more effectively in your role.

Administration Assistant

Manage all aspects of school administration, from editing records using the Pupil Finder, overseeing a student’s admissions process using the Admissions and Marketing Manager, to dealing with staff HR administration using the Staff Portal. All of the data you need is in one system so that you save time and resources.

School Business Manager

Control and track all of the financial movement within your school by avoiding lengthy extraction processes, multiple system logins and databases. This allows you the possibility of automation and greater time efficiency in your day-to-day tasks.


With our SEN module, you can make sure that staff have access to relevant information about a student’s SEN, or their IEP so that work can be planned and tailored that is suitable for their needs.

IT Technician

Rest easy knowing that you can manage and action your Annual Rollover within five minutes, from setting the wheels in motion to pushing ‘Go!’. Manage your Census process all year round using the Census Manager within the system, so that you can focus your time and budget on other areas of IT strategy.