Software integrations
release your data with our API

With our API, you can use third-party software without the worry of having to duplicate data from one system to another.

Your data automatically updates in the systems attached to SchoolBase, which means you only have to maintain one database.

We do not financially profit from our API integrations, which is why you can guarantee that the software has been developed for your benefit, not ours, to make data management easier for you.

No more duplicating your data…

SchoolBase integrates seamlessly with the following software :-

Groupcall provides a range of analytics, data protection, parental communication and classroom management solutions, alongside seamless MIS synchronisation for more than 20,000 schools with over 100 edtech software companies.
SchoolBase partners with Wonde, who are used by leading 3rd party apps to synchronise information from schools' MIS. Wonde acts as a protective layer between school data from an MIS and educational apps.
Created by students and teachers in a real-world environment, Firefly puts pedagogy first. Firefly is the modern learning experience platform, which adapts to your school’s needs and culture. Let us show you what Firefly can do for your school.
Using appropriate information stored within your MIS, CPOMS enables you to manage child protection, safeguarding, pastoral and welfare from within one intuitive platform.
My School Portal’s mission is to engage schools, parents, guardians, and students to communicate more effectively. My School Portal is a single, secure application that collates and displays all student information in one place using one intuitive platform. One password. One portal. One view.
SalamanderSoft seamlessly connects your IT system with your management information system, ensuring that relevant accounts, groups and permissions are always up to date. Our tools are fully customisable, use your existing users and structures as well as following your conventions.
With nearly 40 years’ experience in professional accounting solutions, and with over 3000 UK schools using SAGE products, there’s a reason why SAGE are market leaders. The integration between SAGE and FeeMaster enables schools to take care of all aspects of financial management.
CHQ manages school life beyond the classroom for schools worldwide – everything from clubs and sport, bus and after school care bookings, parents evenings to holiday camps, all in one place. Schools can select one or more of the CHQ modules to meet their specific needs.
InVentry is the market leader for sign in and visitor management solutions in education and is trusted by more than 5,000 schools in the UK. Our software comes with a dedicated pupil module that allows schools to track specific pupil sign in and out events.
WCBS supplies leading MIS information systems to schools, offering the first true cloud platform and a portfolio of solutions across Admissions, Finance, Academic and Administration. Data can be accessed, managed and shared easily and securely throughout the school, promoting efficient practices in all departments.
SOCS is a family run business that has been working with schools for 20 years. It is an essential tool for staff to manage and communicate their calendar, co-curricular, music and sport events. Working with over 800 schools across the world, including many of the world’s leading schools, academies and trusts, despite its reach, the company retains its small family feel.
Microsoft Teams for Education enables classes, meetings, assignments, files and collaboration - all in one place. Students, faculty, educators and staff meet, work together, create content and share resources via the simple, intuitive power of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams for Education brings together everything you need in class and at school.